Stir different samples at different speeds on one unit...

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Stir different samples at different speeds on one unit...

Torrey Pines Scientific Inc have a range of multi-position analogue magnetic stirrers with 5 or 9 positions which can be independently controlled for maximum flexibility in one unit. They are available as a magnetic stirrer or as a hotplate stirrer.

9 place magnetic stirrer with independent control of each position’s stirring speed


The large 12″ (305mm) square ceramic heater top can heat up to 450°C. The 5-position units can accomodate 5x 800ml beakers, while the 9-position units can fit 9x 500ml beakers. All units can support more than 22.6kg on the plate surface.

The units can stir aqueous solutions from 100 to 150 RPM and each position is individually controlled so different vessels can be set to different speeds.

Controls are mounted well in front of the heater surface to avoid accidental burns and all units are designed to keep spills out of the chassis.

All units are made in the USA and are certified by UL, CSA and CE agencies for safety. Units are tested prior to despatch and marked with a unique serial number for full traceability.

Read more about the magnetic stirrer only models here, or the hotplate magnetic stirrer versions here, or see the full Torrey Pines range here or contact us with the form below.

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