Discontinued - An overhead stirrer with reversible action

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Discontinued - An overhead stirrer with reversible action

The EUROSTAR 100 Control by IKA features a unique reversible – clockwise and counter clockwise stirring action. It’s a laboratory overhead stirrer packed with many advanced features including a removable wireless controller, digital TFT display for easy navigation and RS232/USB interface to control and document all parameters, including temperature with a pt1000 sensor (included with the unit)! However it is not just bells and whistles, this is a powerful and fast unit. It has a speed range of 0/30 – 1300 RPM with stepless speed control and is capable of stirring up to 100 litres of water and liquids with a maximum viscosity 70,000mPas.

The EUROSTAR 100 control is the only overhead stirrer in the IKA range featuring a unique reverse stirring action


If you are looking for an even more powerful stirrer, capable of stirring more viscous liquids of up to 150,000mPas (albeit without the feature of reversible stirring) we recommend checking out the EUROSTAR 200 range. 

Accessories Required:

A number of accessories are required to get you started using this overhead stirrer.


A sturdy stand is recommended for use with this overhead stirrer. IKA provides two different stands for use with this particular unit – the R 2722 H-shaped stand and the R 2723 H-shaped telescopic stand. The H-shape base coupled with adjustment screws for uneven table surfaces provides optimum stability for the attached stirrer.

Bosshead to connect to the stand:

The stirrer itself features a horizontal bar, designed so that you can affix it to a stand. 

Stirrer Paddles:

There is a huge selection available when it comes to stirrer paddles. The various shaped designs of the paddles provide different types of stirring actions and a suitable for use at different speeds and applications. If you want to read more about this, you can check out our other post explaining this here.

You can view our entire range of overhead stirrers here. If you have any questions feel free to contact us using the form below. Alternatively you can call us on 01954 233 120 or email us at support@camlab.co.uk. 

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