Lab Equipment


Camlab offer a large range of autoclaves that are suitable for Medical, Microbiology, Laboratory or Pharmaceutical use.

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Balances & Weighing

Laboratory balances for weighing chemicals, components, small items using top pan, precision, semi micro and analytical balances with varying maximum weights and readabilities down to five decimal places. 

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Baths & Circulators

Stirred, unstirred and boiling baths, cooled and shaking baths. Circulators with accurate control to achieve below ambient temperatures.

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Refrigerated and unrefrigerated centrifuges for the separation and consolidation of samples. The end-user can choose the correct rotor and adaptors based on their application and any accessories required.

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Data logging equipment for temperature, humidity, pressure and combinations of other parameters. Remote sensors and wired options available.

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Horizontal and vertical gel tanks including accessories and power supplies for education, laboratory and research use.

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Glasswashers and Disinfectors

Complete range of professional and basic line glasswashers including jet washing and forced air drying versions, backed by our professional servicing and repair facilities.

Heating Blocks & Digestion

Includes dry block heaters, COD reaction stations, heating mantles, high temperature thermostatic blocks, Kjeldahl heater units, melting point apparatus and digestion apparatus.

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Hotplate Stirrers

Hotplates and hotplate stirrers are available in various formats including single or multiple platforms in both analogue and digital display formats.

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Liquid Handling

Liquid handling encompasses Bottle top dispensers, Manual pipettes, Multichannel pipettes, Specialist pipettes, Repeators and Titrators

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Meters for Measurement

Meters for Water Quality testinq, COD, Density, Conductivity and Light measurement. Most meters are available as Hand held, Benchtop and Multi-parameter including Colorimeters, Osmometers, Spectrophotometers and Single parameter instruments


A range of Microscopes including Brightfield, Inverted, Metallurgic and Fluorescent Microscopes including camera options and accessories for customisation.

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Mixing, Shaking & Stirring

A complete range of equipment for mixing, stirring and shaking for most applications. There is a wealth of choice from our Camlab Choice range and leading manufacturers.

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Ovens & Incubators
Laboratory ovens and incubators available from brands including Memmert, MMM medcentre and Genlab with specialist climatic test chambers, furnaces, vacuum ovens and cooled incubators. Camlab offer UK based service and maintenance.

Vacuum, diaphragm and liquid transfer pumps for all applications including movement of gases and liquids, filtration, dessication and drying and dispensing liquids from barrels and containers.

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A selection of laboratory fridges, freezers with optional features such as glass doors, locks, over temperature alarms and interior lighting. Freestanding and benchtop ice makers for instant ice cubes or flakes.

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Sample Preparation

Sample preparation includes Homogenisers both hand held and benchtop, blenders and grinding mills for preparing solid samples for further analysis. Rotary evaporators and Stomachers for liquid preparations and grinding mills for hard and brittle material.

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Thermal Cylers

Thermal Cyclers, PCR, QPCR, Thermal Cycle Accessories

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General purpose thermometers, digital and Infrared. Oil quality monitors, hygrothermometers and temperature calibration.

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Viscometers and Viscometry bath accessories

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Water Purification & Stills

Water purification systems, Reverse Osmosis RO(Type 3) Deionised water DI(Type 2, Ultrapure water Type 1. Accessories and replacement cartridges for existing water systems.

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