Product Guides

Here, we provide a range of knowledge bases, product guides and FAQs which aim to help you through the possibly confusing process of buying lab equipment and water testing products for the first time and getting the best from them, including links to our blog where we provide even more in depth information.


Laboratory Pumps - There are a number of types of laboratory pump, but which one is best for your application?

Fume Hoods - The pros and cons of ducted versus ductless fumehoods.

OxiTop® - Respirometers - the OxiTop® system for performing BOD measurements 

Centrifuges - Here we explain the key features of benchtop centrifuges to help you decide which option is best for your lab.

Guide to Eppendorf Freezers - What features do Eppendorf freezers have? Read our buyers guide to see what they can offer you. 

Hotplates and hotplate stirrers - Read all about the pros and cons and features of hotplate stirrers. 

Climatic Test Chambers

What is a test chamber? How do I know if a test chamber is what I need and which one is the most appropriate for my needs.

Choosing the right test chamber for your application Choosing the right model and brand can be a minefield.  Camlab want to help and guide you to the best solution for your application.

Looking after your test chamber - It's important to maintain your test chamber so it operates at maximum efficiency and gives years of reliable service.

Ductless Filtering Fume Hoods

Choosing the right fume hood for your application - common questions to ask yourself before deciding on the best filtering fume hood for your application.

Caring for your ductless fume hood - Like all laboratory equipment it works best when it is serviced and maintained properly and there are things you can do to keep it working efficiently.

Ductless fume hoods explained - why is a ductless fume hood better than a ducted one, and what to consider before purchase.

Laboratory Glass Washers

Why do I need a laboratory grade glass washer? What's the difference between a domestic and laboratory grade glass washer? What features should I look for when purchasing a new appliance?

Choosing the right glass washer How do I choose the right glass washer to suit my glassware and my budget? Camlab are experts in laboratory glasswashers and we have some tips and tricks for choosing the right one.

Looking after your laboratory glass washer - Caring for your glasswasher is the most important factor keeping its performance optimal and ensuring glassware is washed to a consistant standard every time.


Volumetric glassware- common questions answered to help you understand the differences between volumetric glassware.

What type of lab glassware should I use? - what are the differences between soda lime and borosilicate and what option should I choose for my application?

Understanding Quickfit interchangeable glassware - here we explain what joint sizes mean and how to connect your glassware up using adapters. 

Water Testing & Electrochemistry

An introduction to pH - what is pH and what are the different ways can you test for it?

Selecting the right pH meter and electrode for your application - what do all of the features mean and how do I select the right meter/electrode for what I'm doing?

Taking a pH reading and electrode maintenence - we explain how to take a reading and good practise when it comes to looking after your electrode.


Guide to Qualitative and Quantitative Filter Papers - Which filter paper do i need for my application and what is the Camlab equivalent grade.