Choosing the right test chamber for your application

We offer a range of different types of test chamber, with varying features such as internal volume, working temperature range, test parameters available, and controller interface. Below, we aim to summarise the key points you would want to begin to think about when it comes to choosing a test chamber. Our trained technical sales specialists are on hand for any assistance you may require.

Choose your test parameters and their ranges of operation

Our test chambers are available with combinations of some or all of the follow test parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • Light 

The inclusion of some of these parameters will influence the operational performance of others, for example you cannot use very high temperatures and low temperatures with high humidity. It is always worth thoroughly checking the technical data sheet to ensure the chamber will meet your application requirements taking this into consideration. 

MMM Medcentre have a climate chamber series called Climacell, which offers temperature and humidity control as standard with optional CO2 control and lighting. Memmert carry an expansive range of test chambers. If you wish to read more on the Memmert range click here.

Choose appropriate chamber dimensions or your application

External dimensions fitting with room specifications

Due to the heating/cooling equipment and insulation inside the walls of test chambers, the walls can be quite thick, consequently when you look at the internal volume, the actual external sizes can be quite a bit larger. We have listed all of the external dimensions under the ‘specification’ tab of each product. Some factors to think about:

  • Door heights/widths and the route from the delivery point to the chambers intended final location. If units have been tilted during installation, they require standing upright for a day or so before they can be turned on.
  • Final location – chambers require an area of clear space around them to operate safely and effectively. The measured space may not take the chamber if this isn’t accounted for.
  • Some of the smaller units will stack on top of each other, so you could add to existing infrastructure. This may save floor space in smaller locations.

Internal volume affects the loading capacity

Consider how much/how heavy your samples are when selecting the right volume for your application:

  • Chambers and shelves will have a maximum loading weight.
  • The chamber must not be loaded too tightly as this will affect the operational performance of your chamber.

Choose type of controller variant and level of programming required

Many manufacturers of test chambers will offer model variants with different controller interfaces and this allows users a choice between a more basic model with simple controls and display or an advanced model with many more options for complex programming and logging functions often with enhanced connectivity and more safety controls.


Memmert call these model variants the singleDISPLAY and twinDISPLAY . The singleDISPLAY variant offers a single colour screen with display of parameters compared with the twinDISPLAY variant offering two colour screens, with enhanced programming and graphical logging display. It also features enhanced safety features including multiple over temperature protection. To read more on the differences, click here. The Memmert TTC and CTC feature a different controller all together which allows for programming such as ramping. singleDISPLAY units are supplied with a trial version of the Memmert AtmoCONTROL software whereas this is included with the twinDISPLAY units. This software offers an easy and quick way of programming the units from your computer.

singleDISPLAY controller

twinDISPLAY controller

MMM Medcentre

MMM Medcentre name their controller variants the ECO and EVO controllers. The ECO line features a LCD display with touch keys has a basic display of parameters and limited programming ability. The EVO line builds on this and offers a larger touch screen with much more programming ability including ramping and real-time control as well as pre-set service programmes for fast diagnosis of any failures. It also offers enhanced connectivity (including the ability to monitor the programme progress over smart phone). To read more on the differences, check out our other blog post here.

ECO controller

EVO controller

How will you load the chamber?

The chamber must not be overloaded. Do not have your load pushed up against the walls, top and on the floor of the chamber as this will inhibit correct airflow and may mean your chamber doesn’t reach the correct temperature and/or works less efficiently. It will all depend on your sample type and testing method but a 1:3 ratio of product to empty space is often quoted as optimal.

If your chamber load has a very high moisture content this will increase the amount of steam generated inside  the chamber when sufficient heat is used and this may affect the ability of the chamber to maintain a constant humidity level. Dehumidifying with compressed air can be a solution to this, however please contact us if you feel this will be an issue with your application and we can help to find the correct solution.

Do you require customisation to the chamber?

Extra features and customisations are available on both Memmert and MMM Medcenter test chambers and this includes options such as access ports, door locks and lighting. Some options are available as ‘standard’ and are found in the product brochure. Other types of customisation are more complex and require a consultation with the relevant manufacturer’s customisations department to design a bespoke solution. It is possible with some models to have custom sizes and bespoke stacking racks so please contact us with any customisation requests and we will investigate this for you.

Request information from a technical specialist

Camlab have a number of trained technical specialists on hand to help with any enquiry you may have. You can request more information or a call back using the button below. Please try and provide as much information as possible.  

The information provided is intended as a guide, please check exact product manuals and contact us if you are unsure on anything.