Choosing the right fume hood for your application

How do I know which ductless fume hood is appropriate for my usage?

Use the e-Valiquest online to tell us about your requirements.

  • Describe your application
  • List the chemicals that you are using 
  • Indicate the chemical usage in terms of quantity and regularity of use
Once I have filled out the e-Valiquest, what happens next?

Once the e-Valiquest has been completed the manufcaturer will assess:

  • The most appropriate sized fume hood for your application
  • The correct carbon filters 
  • The life expectancy of the filter. 
  • They will also determine how many filters you require and whether you also need a HEPA filter for particulates.
Do I have a choice about the size of the cabinet?

Yes you do. The manufacturer will give you options. A smaller fume cabinet may be suitable but the filter life expectancy may be short. A larger cabinet will utilise more filters and give a longer life expectancy. These are choices you can decide on before we issue a quotation.

Can I add any accessories to my configuration?

Yes you can:

  • You could choose to have taps and a sink in your fume hood
  • You can choose a work surface that is suited to chemical exposures like stainless steel or Trespa
  • Mobile trolleys are also available so you can move the ductless fume hood around the laboratory
  • Real time sensors can be added called Molecode, which will warn you when the carbon filters are saturated and need changing
  • Special sashes are also available to give a wider access port to the front of the hood instead of the standard Reverso sash
What happens once I have chosen my options and I'm happy with the specification?

Camlab will send you a detailed quotation:

  • The cabinet of choice
  • The carbon filters required and their life expectancy
  • The cost of any accessories chosen
  • A service contract for the maintenence of your filtering hood
  • Any extended warranty that has been advised
  • Installation and commissioning charges if applicable
How long will my fume hood take to manufacture?

It can take 6-9 weeks to manufacture your fume hood, but Camlab will keep you informed about progress and delivery arrangements.

Once the fume hood arrives it will need installation and commissioning by one of Camlab's experienced service engineers who will provide a service report once the fume hood is ready for use.

Example chemical handling resultsExample chemical handling results
Carbon filterCarbon filter
Example results from e-Valiquest applicationExample results from e-Valiquest application
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