Benefits of a Laboratory Glass Washer

Laboratory grade glass washers offer lots of benefits over domestic dishwashers. They have many features that you would not find on a domestic unit making them ideally suited to a demanding lab environment. This includes:

  • Variable programming
  • Condensing dryer
  • Liquid or powder dertergent dispensers
  • Glass doors
  • USB Port for downloading data
  • Possibility to add more pumps

Carry on reading to find our more about what a laboratory glasswasher can offer you. 

WRAS Approval

It is a legal requirement that any water fitting or appliance that will carry or receive water from the public mains water supply must comply with the Water Supply Regulations or Scottish Byelaws.

Camlab are legally obligated to sell glasswashers that are WRAS compliant. 

A WRAS approved product has passed all checks and holds a certification that the components have been tested under pressure and the appliance is of a safe and suitable build quality to be attached to the UK water system.

WRAS approval logoWRAS approval logo

Consistency and Traceability

Printer interface on SMEG glasswasherPrinter interface on SMEG glasswasher

Most domestic glasswashers are 'press and go' devices with little control over the washing program apart from temperature and time. Commercial glasswashers however have the ability to control the washing process precisely and provide a readout of the cycle either by printer or by USB download. The ability to program the glass washer to suit the glassware and the level of contamination is also important as the program for washing glassware that has been used with aqueous solutions is very different to glassware that has been contaminated by oils and grease. Programs can also be pasword protected so they cannot be altered.

A laboratory glasswasher will wash consistently and precisely ensuring that the glassware will be cleaned to the same degree each time its used. Something a domestic unit or washing by hand cannot match.

Jet Racks

Jet racks are the best way to clean a large variety of glassware items and are configurable with long and short spigots to accomodate different sized bottles and cylinders. Water is sprayed through the spigot into the vessel ensuring that the detergent is evenly coated onto the inside of the glassware and every corner is cleaned. There are special shaped spigots for all types of glassware,. and the jet rack is fed through a central chamber attached to the water inlet so that all spigots receive water directly. 

Jet rack for glasswashersJet rack for glasswashers

Stainless Steel

A domestic glass washer is usually constructed of 306L grade stainless steel with a painted outer casing to stop corrosion. In a laboratory emvironment with harsh chemicals, a domestic glasswasher will soon rust and corrode, shortening its life to only a few months rather than years. Oil and grease can erode seals and cause the unit to leak.

Laboratory grade glasswashers are made of 316L grade stainless steel which is more resistant to rusting and the internal compnents like water pipes and connectors are also made of 316L steel, so the serviceability will be greater and the glasswasher should last for many years without failure.

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