Post BREXIT and Camlab

The UK left the EU as of the 31st January 2020. The transition period ended on December 31st 2020. Whilst the UK and EU continue to negotiate we are experiencing some delays in shipments from EU states.  Unfortunately we are also seeing rising costs on goods as well as extra charges for shipping and paperwork. We are doing our best to mitigate these increases by placing larger orders and increasing our UK stockholding. 

Fortunately Camlab has been an international exporter and importer of scientific goods for many years so we have experience in the completion of all the necessary paperwork. This means we have been able to place orders and provide the necessary documentation with relatively little disruption. We are also sourcing more goods from UK manufacturers where possible. 

COVID-19 has also impacted supply chains and we seeing longer and longer leadtimes from key European suppliers with some even extending to 9 months. For this reason we would urge our customers to pre-order as much as possible, especially for key consuamble lines.

Update: 14 November 2022

The deadline for when businesses need to use the UKCA mark has been extended. You can continue to use the CE marking and reversed epsilon marking on the GB market until 31 December 2024.



We are once again asking our customers to let us know which products are critical to their business or research process and where possible to plan forward deliveries of these items to help mitigate this potential supply chain risk as a consequence.

We are therefore encouraging our customers to place forward orders for the next 3- 6 months to us to ensure both continuity of supply during the ongoing disruption period. 

This is particurlarly important for gloves and plastic consumables.

Please contact our sales team on brexit@camlab.co.uk or call directly on +44(0)1954233110 

You can view our Post Brexit Supply Statement or request a call from one of sales team to discuss continued supply and stock reservation below.

REACH and UKCA Marking

Unfortunately it would seem that rather than reducing paperwork Brexit has increased the burden on businesses to now comply with addiitonal legislation in the form of UKCA which is the UK version of CE marking and REACH UK which is a UK version of REACH. Despite initial promises from Government that European legislation would be copied across we are already seeing additions to the legislations making them more onerous in some cases. Our trade body Gambica is in discussions with Government at this time to try and rationalise the requirements and our technical teams are working with suppliers to ensure we can continue to supply chemical and electrical items. See our Post Brexit Supply statement for more information.

BREXIT and Stock Consultation

You can view our Post BREXIT Supply statement here

If you would like to start discussions with sales team to reserve stock/arrange alternative supply or if you require further information please click the button below.