Water Testing

Meters, reagents and equipment for the measurement of some of the key parameters in sewage and effluent testing.


Chemical and biological oxygen demand are used extensively in the waste water industry to measure the amount of organic compounds in waste water.

Environmental Sampling

Dippers and sampling systems for water and food stuffs, liquid transfer from drums and large containers.


Flocculation or jar testers are designed for a range of waste water testing applications. Test the efficiency of flocculation reagents on a small scale before scaling up to treat the effluent produced.

Microbiological Water Testing

Screening tests for coliforms and microbiological paramaters in potable water including dip slides, presence or absence tests and complete test kits  some of these do not require an incubator.

pH Paper, Indicator Paper & Test Strips

pH papers and test strips for water quality testing and other applications. A-Z listings from Alkalinity to Sulphide, there is a test stick with a defined range of detection.


Turbidity is an important parameter in water quality testing and there are several methods available to perform turbidity measurements. Turbidity meters both benchtop and hand held, turbidity tubes and standards. Imhoff cones for suspended solids.

Water Disinfection

Complete kits for the disnifecton of water. L8 Legionellea monitoring kit.

Water Testing Kits

Water testing kits from leading manufacturers, the range includes test kits, comparators and colour wheels.

Water Testing Multi Parameter Meters

Multi parameter meters for testing water quality is the most cost effective solution. With its own range of tests that can be performed using a multiple of wavelengths.

Water Testing Reagents

All tests require replacement reagents and test kits including digital titrators, spectrophotometer and colorimeter reagents and water testing accessories. 

Water Testing Single Parameter Meters

Pocket colorimeters and single use photometers for water quality testing and more. A-Z listings from Alkalinity to Silica.

Process measurement

Spares and accessories for process equipment that is constantly monotoring water quality.