Labware Containers and Volumetrics

Basins and Dishes

Camlab have a comprehensive range of basins and dishes including evaporating and cystallising dishes and watch glasses.

Beakers, Flasks & Funnels

Every laboratory requires the use of glassware whether it's just a beaker or something more complex like Kjeldahl equipment or Soxhlet distillation apparatus.

Bottles, Jars and Jugs

Camlab have a wide selection of laboratory bottles, carboys and aspirators for manufacturing and smaller bottles that can withstand high temperatures and pressures.

Buckets & Trays

Ice buckets can be very useful for cooling a reaction quickly and for temporary storage of samples.


Choose the best type of burner for your application. There are several burner types for butane and natural gas available including Bunsen burners and Meker burners as well as electric burners with fine controls. We also offer a range of accessories including tripods, gauze, tubing and inoculation loops.


Chromatography reagents and fractionation columns for routine applications including Chromatography papers from leading manufcaturers.

Cryogenics Storage

Cryogenic storage designed for the storage of cellular material both long and short term and in transit.

Drying Equipment

Crucibles and desiccators including desiccator cabinets, desiccant cartridges and Gooch crucibles.


Hydrometers are used to measure the specific gravity of a liquid sample and specialist hydrometers are available for seawater, sugar, beer, % alcohol and brine.

Lab Tools and Stationary

All those little sundry items that you need in the laboratory like brushes, pens, spatulas, timers and the all important laboratory notebook.

Light Box, UV Lamps & Cabinets

A selection of UV lamps and detectors for the visualisation of gels, TLC, non-destructive testing, forensic applications and clean room inspection.

Measuring Cylinders

Glass and plastic measuring cylinders, various grades and sizes to suit, with spouts and lids if required.

Pipettes and Burettes

Glass and plastic pipettes including pasteur pipettes and pipette accessories for dispensing. Class AS and B burettes  including Sofnol and Daffert versions.

QuickFit Glassware

Quickfit glassware is the most well known brand of laboratory glassware and makes use of standard ground glass joints to join a mutltitude of glassware together.

Racks and Boxes

Huge variety of storage containers including food safe containers, freezer storage boxes, cryoboxes and tube racking.

Retort Stands, Jacks, Scaffold

Laboratory scaffolding includes racks and clamps, stainless steel supports and rods for varied projects from small benchtop retorts to large laboratory frames.

Sampling and Sieves

If you need a sampler Camlab have it. Double tamper evident bottles for secure samples, sampling bottles and vessels, sampling scoops and spoons and a complete range of sieves and shakers.


Finding the right stopper for your container can be a time consuming task, but Camlab have plenty of choice whether you need glass, cork, plastic or simple rubber bungs.

Tubes Reusable

Test tubes both glass and plastic as well as butyrometer tubes for the measurement of fat in milk.


Silicon and PVC tubing for most laboratory uses. Heavy walled rubber tubing for bunsen burners and tubing accessories including connectors, joints and non-return valves.

Vials, Cuvettes, Cells, Cups

Cells for spectroscopy, sample cups and cuvettes for water quality test instruments. Replacement cells for comparitors and spectrophotometers.