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High Quality Filter Papers
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High-Quality Filter Papers for Sewage Plant Operations

MACHEREY-NAGEL's range of filter papers provides effective solutions for various filtration needs in wastewater treatment plants. These high-quality, ISO-certified products enable accurate and reliable determination of numerous parameters, which is essential for maintaining efficient and effective sewage treatment processes.

Quantofix Peroxide Test Strips
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QUANTOFIX Peroxide Test Strips: Reliable and Efficient Peroxide Measurement

MACHEREY-NAGEL's QUANTOFIX Peroxide test strips provide a quick and simple way to determine peroxide levels within seconds, making them a dependable tool for managing the rinsing and washing processes of equipment in the food industry. This blog discusses a new comparative study on their effectiveness.

Hach HT200s thermostat
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What tests can I run on the Hach HT200s High temperature thermostat

The Hach Ht200s High temperature thermostat can be used for a range of Hach Lange LCK cuvette tests to increase the speed of the digestion.  The Ht200s can be used for COD - chemical oxygen demand and a range of nutrient tests listed below: OVERVIEW OF THE TESTS...

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HPPCeco-AMI: Automated Microscopy for Climate-Controlled Investigations

Memmert's HPPCeco-AMI system offers an innovative solution –  automated microscopic imaging directly within the climate chamber. Ideal for researchers working with temperature and humidity-sensitive samples, the challenge of microscopic imaging within a controlled environment is a familiar one. Extracting samples disrupts the meticulously maintained conditions, potentially compromising the integrity of your experiment.  

Memmert AtmoWEB
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Memmert AtmoWEB connectivity features - free of charge

Memmert prioritizes remote control (AtmoWEB included) for all products, ensuring optimal lab performance in ovens and test chambers resulting from decades of industry expertise.

LAQUA 300 Series
OPTi Multiple Scale Digital Refractometer
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The OPTi Multiple Scale Digital Refractometer: A Modern Advancement in Food Quality Control

The OPTi Multiple Scale Digital Refractometer represents a significant evolution in refractometery technology. This blog will explore its key features and how it addresses the shortcomings of conventional refractometers, ultimately providing a more efficient and comprehensive solution for food science professionals.

Elmasonic Select Range
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The Elmasonic Select Range from Elma

The Elmasonic Select Series:

The Elmasonic Select series from Elma is a powerful and individual range of ultrasonic cleaners with a wide range of applications and uses. This series comes with baths with tank volumes ranging from 3.0L to 90L.

Applications for parts cleaning include but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturers of industrial workpieces and components, workshops and repair shops
  • Watchmakers, jewellers, jewellery and watch workshops
  • Research and analytical laboratories
Grant Controlled Rate Freeze Thaw
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The NEW Controlled Rate Freeze Thaw from Grant Instruments

Grant have introduced the new Controlled Rate Freeze Thaw (CRFT), which is a liquid nitrogen and cryogen free controlled rate freeze and thaw system for cryopreservation in a wide range of applications.

Cryopreservation is a process where biological materials such as cells, tissues or organs are frozen to preserve the materials for an extended period of time.

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Dipslides - All you need to know
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Dipslides - All you need to know

A dipslide is a means of testing the microbial content of liquids. This is a common method of monitoring and measuring microbial activity within many systems and commonly cooling systems. Usually the use of a dipslide is the first line of defence for the testing of microbial issues that could be caused to manufacturers and machine shop fluid systems. 

Dipslides consist of a plastic barrier which bears a sterile culture medium which can be dipped into the liquid being sampled. The resulting microbial colonies are estimated by reference to a chart. 

Dipslides are usually incubated for 48 hours after use and any subsequent bacteria in the sample water will grow and form colonies.