The NEW Controlled Rate Freeze Thaw from Grant Instruments

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The NEW Controlled Rate Freeze Thaw from Grant Instruments

Grant have introduced the new Controlled Rate Freeze Thaw (CRFT), which is a liquid nitrogen and cryogen free controlled rate freeze and thaw system for cryopreservation in a wide range of applications.

Cryopreservation is a process where biological materials such as cells, tissues or organs are frozen to preserve the materials for an extended period of time.


The CRFT introduces reproducibility, precision and accuracy to biological cryopreservation. This system can be used for a variety of materials including embryos, mammalian cells, antibodies, tissue sections and rodent organs (plus many more!). 

The systems main focus is to minimize and reduce the risk of contamination, designed for use in barrier facilities and cleanrooms. The performance of the CRFT in cell viability, freezing and thawing is equal to, if not more advanced, than other leading systems. Not to mention a greatly reduced fire risk due to the system being alcohol free. The performance in freezing is on par, if not more advanced than comparable liquid nitrogen freezers. 


The precise freezing and thawing rate, ensures accuracy and reproducibility throughout the freezing and thawing profiles. More importantly, for the nucleation/seeding phases that can be done whilst using the system. The controlled rate allows for the optimal recovery of cells on thawing. Operation of the system is simple and can be carried out with or without a PC. Data can be logged via PC software and those profiles can then be directly displayed on the PC screen. Different freezing profiles are available through the drop-down menu of the software, as well as customised profiles which can be designed through the software editing suite.






There are 6 interchangeable heads available for the CRFT depending on your needs 

SBS Microplate head for CRFT

Deep Cryovial head for CRFT


CRFT - Range of Interchangeable Heads:

  • 16 x 0.5ml CBS straws - This CRFT head is for Cryo Bio System straws which are used in the cryopreservation of human biological samples, such as sperm and embryos.
  • 18 x 0.3ml IMV straws - This CRFT head is for IMV's 0.3ml straws which are used in storing bovine semen samples.
  • 55 x 1.8ml cryovials (0.5ml max fill) - This CRFT head is for storage of a variety of different biological materials and human or animal cells. 
  • Flat Plate - The flat plate head for the CRFT is a more personalised head for the storage of anything that can fir onto the head. This head acts as a plane cooling and thawing base for whatever the needs are of the user.
  • SBS microplate - Head that fits the Society for Biomolecular Screening standards of a microplate. 
  • 55 x 1.8ml deep cryovials (1ml max fill) - The same as the cryovial head above. However, this head has deeper set holes for larger cryovials with a 1ml max fill for larger biological sample quantities. 


For more information on the NEW CRFT system from Grant, available from Camlab in the UK or the rest of the world please contact us here or fill out the form below. 

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