LT ecocool refrigerated/heating circulating baths by Grant Instruments

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LT ecocool refrigerated/heating circulating baths by Grant Instruments

Continuing their range of refrigerating heating circulating baths, Grant Instruments have added the sleek LT ecocool units which can deliver energy savings up to 80% helping you to save on costs and reach sustainability objectives. Between the three models available the LT ecocool  100, 150 and 200 they offer active temperature control from -30 to 200°C.

Grant LT ecocool range

Why use a refrigerated circulating bath? These units allow you to accurately regulate and control the temperature of a system by circulating a liquid at or below ambient temperature around the chosen unit. After gaining the desired temperature in the bath the liquid is pumped around one or multiple pieces of apparatus with programmed temperature profiles to suit the needs of the user. Using a circulating system dramatically cuts down your water usage vs. cooling directly from your tap.

What’s exciting about the new LT ecocool range? These units come with an innovative ‘eco’ mode which uses low amounts of energy offering significant running cost savings whilst still delivering powerful cooling. This is due to a variable speed compressor which reduces heat generation and can cut electricity running costs by 80%. The modern sleek design with intuitive user interface makes the range simple to operate and helps you tailor the unit to your needs.

Which Unit is best for me? The first thing to determine is the desired temperature of your sample and the approximate volume of liquid in the system which will help to assess the approximate cooling power you need. The LT ecocool 100 functions between -20 to 100°C with 250W of cooling power, the 150 delivers -25 to 150°C circulating bath delivering 350W of cooling power and the 200  -30 to 200°C and 500W of cooling power. If you are just replacing tap water cooling the 100 should be sufficient. If you are looking to measure the external temperature, communicate with or program the chiller you will need either the LT ecocool 150 or 200 units.

The ready to use kits have an assembled unit supplied with standard tubing, insulation, clips and connectors. Each unit in the LT ecocool range comes with a four year Guarantee. For help finding the required cooling power for your set up or accessories needed for your application please email us at or give us a ring on 01954 233 120.

For more information on the LT ecocool range available from Camlab in the UK or the rest of the world please contact us here or fill in the form below.

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