How to purchase the best Vortex Mixer

Vortex Mixer
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How to purchase the best Vortex Mixer

When it comes to purchasing a vortex-mixer, it's essential to make an informed decision based on your specific needs and requirements. This article will guide you through the vital features you should consider before investing in a product, ensuring that you choose a model that best suits your laboratory or research needs.

Vortex mixer in use
Vortex Mixer in use

Vortexing Speed and Power:

Firstly, one of the crucial attributes to think of when purchasing a vortex mixer is the mixing speed and power. The mixing speed determines how quickly and efficiently it can blend samples, while the power indicates its ability to handle various substances, including the most viscous and thick samples. Look for a vortex mixer that offers adjustable speed settings and a wide range of speeds to suit different applications. This ensures optimal mixing performance for both fast and thorough blending of your samples. An example of an adjustable speed mixer is the Grant MPS-1.

Grant MPS1 Vortex Mixer
4 Different speed pre-sets in addition to custom speeds.

Vortex Mixer Capacity and Platform:

The mixing capacity of a vortex mixer refers to the maximum volume of samples it can accommodate. Consider the size and quantity of your samples in addition to the mixing platform to certify the machine can handle your workload effectively. Furthermore, opt for a platform made from a durable and chemical-resistant material like stainless steel or silicone, ensuring longevity and compatibility with a variety of sample types.

Stability and Anti-Vibration:

Stability is paramount to a quality and efficient vortex mixer. Look for models that offer a stable base, such as non-slip rubber feet or suction cups, to minimize vibrations and ensure that the apparatus remains steady during operation. Unwanted vibrations can affect the quality of your results and potentially lead to spills or accidents. Additional stability in advanced models can include features to dampen vibrations and absorb shock, which enhances stability and reduces disturbances from external factors.

Suction cupped foot
Suction cupped feet to grip surfaces and provide steadiness

Programmability and Timer Function:

Particularly, repeatable mixing requires a vortex mixer with programmable features and a timer function. These features allow you to fix mixing parameters, such as mixing duration, intervals, and intensity, ensuring reproducibility and saving time. Consequently successful laboratories require multiple samples to be processed simultaneously, hence demanding intuitive user interfaces and clear display screens. Such features can be seen on the Ohaus VXMNDG.

Ohaus VXMNDG Vortex Mixer
Programmable RPM range and Timer to over 165 hours.

Noise Level and Ergonomics:

Consider noise level, if using the vortex mixer for extended periods or in noise-sensitive environments. Accordingly, some Vortex mixers are designed with noise reduction features, such as brushless motors or noise-dampening enclosures, minimizing operational noise. Evaluate the ergonomics of the machine, favour simple designs and accessible controls with informative labels and insightful placement of buttons and switches to facilitate ease of use and routine function.


Purchasing the best vortex mixer requires careful evaluation of its features, considering all aspects including mixing speed and power, mixing capacity, stability, programmability, noise level, and ergonomics you can select an appliance that meets your specific laboratory or research needs, enabling efficient and reliable mixing processes. Make an informed decision and invest wisely for optimal results in your work.

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