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Camlab are proud to support the Cytiva Think Pink Campagin this October 

Join us in supporting breast cancer research. For the entire month of October, your purchases of Whatman laboratory consumables will help fund breast cancer research. Cytiva will donate $1 for every time purchased to the BCRF, helping support their mission of funding critical work in areas from cancer research to development of therapeutics

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Lab industry moves to reduce confusion on VAT for charities as Government reimposes VAT on PPE

If you give money to medical or research charities, you probably don’t expect 20 per cent of your donation
to be clawed back in VAT, however, because of confused guidance on applying zero-rate VAT relief, that’s exactly what often happens. Furthermore, now the temporary relief afforded by the Government’s decision to make all PPE VAT-free came to an end on 31st October, VAT will now be charged on PPE sold for charitably funded medical and veterinary use. Camlab has been working hard with our trade body GAMBICA to clarify the complicated HMRC guidance and provide specilaist advice. Read the latest GAMBICA press release by following the link below.

GAMBICAS Press Release link

Hach's NEW CL17sc Replacing the CL17 Colorimetric Chlorine Analyser

This model CL17sc has been designed to improve on the previous version through reduction in routine maintenance time with upgraded features like the addition of a flow meter, colorimeter window, multicolour status light, and predictive diagnostic software to assist in ensuring your instrument is operating as intended. 

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Palintest Introduces a NEW Pooltest 4 Photometer


Camlab are pleased to announce the introduction of Palintst new Pooltest 4. This photometer includes analysis for the four main tests for effective monitoring of spas and indoor pools - Bromine, Chlorine, pH and Total Alkalinity.

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Palintest's Kemio for Wastewater Disinfection Verification


Palintest have workied closely with agencies in China to ensure effective disinfection in key COVID-19 hotspots. Their  Kemio™ measiurment platform has been used to monitor levels of disinfectants which has helped to reduce the risk to operators as it requires minimal handling of the sample.

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Camlab on the SUPC Consortium


Camlab are pleased to announce that following a rigorous and thorough tender process, we have been appointed as one of the named suppliers on the SUPC, LUPC and NEUPC IRLA framework agreement for the supply of Pipettes, PPE, Gloves, Filtration and Glassware.

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Camlab Introduce the New range of Climate Chambers (ICHeco) from Memmert


Climate chambers ideal for stability testing in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food industry with environmentally-friendly CO2 (R744) as a refrigerant. 

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TRUEscience is now available on Kindle


Check out the Kindle store for further information.

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Camlab Offers the Ideal Solution for COD Analysis in Saltwater and Seawater


The new LCK1814 test from Hach is ideal for low range COD testing in water samples with high chloride concentrations up to 20,000 mg/L without any cumbersome sample pretreatment. 

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Camlab Now Offers the New OxiTop Heads for Improved Respirometric Studies


The new OxiTop®-i is excellently suited for the self-monitoring measurement of BOD in undiluted samples according to DIN EN 1899-2.

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Camlab supports Green Chemistry now available through Lovibond Kits without Boric Acid and ortho-Tolidine


Lovibond has made the decision to move towards kits without out health-threatening substances in their chemicals and reagents to find out which product this relates to check for a Green Chemistry label on the product.

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Camlab is now a BSIF Registered Safety Supplier


Camlab joins the BSIF to ensure you get the right PPE for your needs

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Camlab and ISS now fully integrated into one business


Camlab and ISS are now fully integrated into one business for all your laboratory needs, PPE and safety equipment.

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Camlab aquire ISS


Camlab aquire PPE and safety equipment company Industrial Scientific Supplies. 

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