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Using Palintest technology to help control Coronavirus

With governments around the world doing all possible to limit the impact of COVID-19, Palintest products are playing a role in controlling and preventing the spread of this virus.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, China's emergency treatment plan for hospital wastewater recommend that all sewage disposal from hospitals must be strictly disinfected and the level of residual chlorine must be kept higher than 6.5mg/L in the contact chamber. Supporting the early efforts to control the virus, 100s of water testing kits were sent to provinces all over China.

Palintest have also been working closely with agencies to ensure effective disinfection in key COVID-19 hotspots. This can be challenging, with the potential risk of operators being exposed to Coronavirus. Palintest's Kemio™ is used to monitor levels of disinfectants; the technology has helped to reduce the risk to the operator as it requires minimal handling of the sample. The test is easy to perform and can be completed in a few simple steps: scan the sensor, insert the sensor, fill the sample and close the lid for a reading. The true simplicity of the test allows it to be performed by an operator wearing a full hazmat suit. In these critical situations, it is very important to minimise sample handling, and because of this Kemio™ has been highly recommended by many end-users.

Can Kemio be used with hazmat protection?

Palintest confirms the Kemio is a truly simple test method which can be used whilst wearing full protective gear. The touchscreen is suitable with gloves to enable you to select the correct test. For performing the test, you must simply fill-up the sample, insert a sensor and close the lid; within 60 seconds your result will appear.

Do I need to dilute my sample before measurement?

Kemio can test free chlorine samples up to 25 mg/L, and therefore no dilution is required.

Palintest's chlorine sensors are available in two ranges depending on your application:

  • Chlorine Standard Range Sensors: 0.02 – 10 mg/L (KEM21CLO / KEM25CLO)
  • Chlorine High Range Sensors: 0.1 – 25 mg/L (KEM21CHR / KEM25CHR)

How do I clean my Kemio to ensure that traces of virus do not remain?

Kemio is IP67 rated and therefore can be thoroughly cleaned. A 75% alcohol spray should be used to clean the full kit and instrument, including the sensor contacts.

Special attention should be given to the sample tray which has been used to hold samples which may contain the virus. Palintest recommends that the sample tray is submerged into 75% alcohol cleaning solution or chlorine solution (1000 mg/L) for 30 minutes.

Kemio DisinfectionKemio Disinfection

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