OxiTop® - Respirometers

Respirometric measurements with OxiTop®

For decades, OxiTop® has been a well-established term in the measurement of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BS) for self-monitoring and advanced manometric respiration testing. The new OxiTop®-i is excellently suited for the self-monitoring measurement of BOD in undiluted samples according to DIN EN 1899-2. In addition to BOD, the OxiTop® IDS can map all types of respirometric tests, such as OECD biodegradability tests, soil respiration, biogas testing and much more. The data obtained can be further processed electronically.  The current five types of heads are:

Respirometric BOD System OxiTop®-i

Respirometric BOD System OxiTopi

OxiTopi is the perfect system for respirometric self-check BOD between 1 and 7 days in municipal wastewater treatment plants. Menu-guided with direct display of BOD in mg/l.

OxiTop®-IDS Set 6: BOD Self Check and aerobic degradation

OxiTop®-IDS Set 6

Convenient BOD measurement for self-check and for general aerobic degradation with OxiTop®-IDS and Bluetooth® LE and data transfer to a PC. Also well suited for industrial waste water. Requires a Multi 3620 IDS or Multi 3630 IDS including IDS WLM-M module.

OxiTop-IDS AN 6 Measuring System for Anaerobic Degradation (H2S resistant pressure sensors)

 OxiTop-IDS AN 6 Measuring System for Anaerobic Degradation

The OxiTop®-IDS AN 6 is well suited for anaerobic degradation e.g. biogas examinations. The OxiTop®-IDS/B heads in the system provide an extended pressure range up to 1500 hPa and a corrosion-proof pressure sensor.Requires a Multi 3620 IDS or Multi 3630 IDS including IDS WLM-M module.

OxiTop®-IDS A 6 Measurement system for aerobic degradation

OxiTop-IDS A6 for Biological Aerobic Degradation

The OxiTop®-IDS A 6 is well suited for all special examinations under aerobic conditions e.g. OECD 301F. Requires a Multi 3620 IDS or Multi 3630 IDS including IDS WLM-M module.

OxiTop-IDS B 6 Measurement System for Soil Respiration

OxiTop®-IDS B 6 Measurement system for soil respiration

Microbial activity of soil can be easily determined with an OxiTop®-IDS measurement system. Different vessel sizes allow an adaption to the activity of the soil. Requires a Multi 3620 IDS or Multi 3630 IDS including IDS WLM-M module.

Soil respiration measurements are used for forecasting, surveying and checking remediation work for biodegradable measurements of substances like pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, etc and for carrying out toxicity testing. Thanks to specially designed test-proven vessels, these measurements are made accurate and simple with the OxiTop Control Sustem. A cost effective alternative compared to conventional methods.

Additional Instruments: Portable Multi-parameter and Thermo Regulation Box

MultiLine® Multi 3620 IDS - Multi-parameter portable meter

Digital measurement with two universal measuring channels with the Multi 3620 IDS – pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and/or turbidity simultaneously.

36210 IDS

MultiLine® Multi 3630 IDS - Professional wireless ready digital multi meter

Compact, digital precision meter Multi 3630 IDS enables you to carry out pH measurements, ORP measurements, conductivity measurements, dissolved oxygen (D.O.) measurements and turbidity measurements quickly and reliably.

36310 IDS

Thermostat Box

Thermostat boxes ensure the necessary temperature regulation to 20.0 ± 0.5 C. The power supply for the stirring platforms is integrated in the thermostats.

Thermostata Box