The New Optima Range from Grant Instruments

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The New Optima Range from Grant Instruments
Grant Instruments with a reputation for reliable and robust laboratory equipment have launched a new range of ergonomic and practical water baths and immersion thermostats. The Optima™ range includes FOUR new Immersion thermostats also commonly known as heating circulators. The Grant Optima™ T100 is a general purpose digital heating circulator with easy to use rotary dial and two function keys for quick temperature setting and menu navigation. It provides digital control for simple, precise temperature control in the range of 0 to 100ºC. The TC120 has a wider temperature range of -20C to 120C. The TX150 and TXF200 have a more powerful heater of 1.9kW and are fully programmable. Grant T100 Heating Circulator The Optima range also includes new stylish water baths and lids in both stainless steel and plastic variants Grant heated circulating baths provide a source of precision heating and cooling for many routine and sensitive analytical procedures. They are suitable for use as both open and closed loop circulators (i.e. remote vessel open or closed). The larger water baths have drain taps for easy emptying.     For more information regarding Grant Laboratory equipment contact Camlab
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