Refrigerated Circulating Baths - Grant LTC2 Review

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Refrigerated Circulating Baths - Grant LTC2 Review
The TC120 - R2 is available ready assembled with the circulator mounted on the refrigerator and supplied with insulated tubing and clips to form a system ready to use. Supported by an industry leading 4 year warranty emphasising Grant`s confidence in the reliability of its refrigeration products. The Grant Optima™ LTC2 Kit includes TC120 heating circulator and R2 tank/refrigeration unit:   [caption id="attachment_4301" align="aligncenter" width="135"]R2 Refrigerated Unit and  TC120Thermostatic Stirrer R2 Refrigerated Unit and TC120Thermostatic Stirrer[/caption]   TC120-R2
  • 5 litre tank with drain tap
  • cooling power 140W @ 0°C
  • temperature range -20 to 100°C
The Grant Optima™ TC120 R series of refrigerated circulating baths with digital control provides excellent value for money for more demanding applications requiring accurate heating and cooling in the range of -20 to 100°C.    The TC120 heating circulator incorporates Intelligent Control Optimisation (ICO)™ for adaptive intelligent PID temperature control and includes a powerful integral pump, making TC120 series refrigerated systems suitable both for immersing samples and circulating temperature controlled fluid to external devices. It includes a convenient timer function for reaction timing and a variable high temperature alarm setting. The temperature range and heater power are automatically limited according to the liquid type selected.
  • Simple-to-use rotor dial and two function keys provide access to the interactive interface for fast, accurate set-up
  • Clear 4-digit display for instant reassurance - easy to read from a distance
  • Visual and audible alarm - alert you when your attention is required
  • Operating setpoint plus 3 adjustable preset temperatures for convenience
  • User calibration facility for optimum accuracy at the required operating temperature
  • Powerful integral pump - maximum flow rate 16L/min
  • Cooling/heating range: -20 to 100°C
  • Stability ± 0.1°C
Note: The refrigeration unit can be switched off indepedendently of the circulator to allow heating only applications. All the refrigeration base units can be used up to a maximum temperature of 100°C. Other options are the LTC4- Kit which incliudes the TX150 heating circulator and the R4 tank/refrigerator unit For the complete Grant range, more information can be found here
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