Grant Instruments launch NEW PCR centrifuge..

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Grant Instruments launch NEW PCR centrifuge..
Grant Instruments have launched a brand new PCR Centrifuge with vortex mixing: The new CVP-2 is an all-in-one PCR Centrifuge/vortex mixer that allows for simultaneous sample prep of multiple samples all at one time. It's versatility stems from being able to hold semi and fully skirted PCR plates with no additional accessories required. [caption id="attachment_7295" align="alignnone" width="200"]CVP-2 PCR Centrifuge/vortex CVP-2 PCR Centrifuge/vortex[/caption] Key Features:
  • Centrifuge with vortex mixing
  • PCR Plate centrifuge
  • PCR Plate mixer
  • Centrifugation mixing speed 300-15000 rpm
  • Independent vortex and centrifugation timers with up to 999 cycles
  • Adjustable rpm or 4 programmable pre-sets
  • Ability to prepare 192 samples continuously
Applications: CVP-2 All-in-one PCR centrifuge / vortex | Grant Instruments
Life science applications, molecular biology, cell biology lab, cell lysis, DNA isolation and purification, sample preparation for PCR, pellet re-suspension, mixing viscous liquids, or any other method where you need tube vortexing and centrifugation and have many samples, particularly in very small volumes. More information and a datasheet are available and if you would like a quotation please email
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