Interchangeable Laboratory Glassware – Quickfit® Understanding the Connections

How often have you spent time trying to find the right pieces of glassware to fit together to construct your set-up?

A Flexible Interchangeable Range

Quickfit® back in 1934 pioneered the idea of interchangeable laboratory glassware based on set joint sizes aimed to tackle this issue. Today this range comprises of over 1000 products, most of which feature their signature conical ground glass joints comprising of a tapered cone and socket which allows easy assembly of glassware from simple reflux to a complex fractionation apparatus.

The range currently includes:

Single and multi-neck flasks available in capacities from 5ml to 20,000ml including the following flask types:

  • Round Bottom
  • Flat Bottom
  • Conical Pear
  • Shape Florentine

Adapters of all types from simple receiver adapters to more complex splash head adapters and a lot more in between.


  • Liebig
  • Coil
  • Allihn
  • Cold Finger
  • and more

Available with removable plastic screw thread tubing connectors to facilitate the safe fitting of hoses.

Funnels range comprising:

  • Separating and Dropping Funnels
  • Buchner funnels
  • Vacuum funnels
  • and many more

Glassware Joints that Fit Together with Ease

This glassware is precision manufactured to ensures non-seizing joints.  A ground finish provides excellent vacuum performance and assured interchangeability.  Made from Pyrex® borosilicate glass it is highly resistant to chemical attack and can be used with most acids, alkalis and organic solvents along with usability over a wide temperature range.

The interchangeable conical joints are made to an accuracy that surpasses the requirements of ISO 383 & DIN 12242 regulations. A two-stage grinding process ensures that the joints have a precision 1:10 taper and super-fine surface finish, resulting in joints that have an exceptionally good seal with a greatly reduced risk of joint seizure. The excellent surface finish also ensures that the joint will not leak and will be gas and vacuum-tight.

The Quickfit® sockets feature a rounded rim profile, this round design gives extra strength to the joint and is less prone to chipping than a square rim profile.

One key factor to understand with this range of glassware is the joint sizing.

Conical Joints

This is the most common type of Quickfit® joint and comprises a ground cone and socket. Sizes are described with two numbers e.g. 24/29.

  • 24 – Diameter of the wide end of the ground joint (in millimeters)
  • 29 – Length of the ground joint (in millimeters)

Joint sizes are available from 5/13 to 60/64. Most Quickfit® conical joints are manufactured to comply with European ‘B’ length joint dimensions, as defined in ISO 383.

Flat Flange Joints

This type of joint is utilised on large-capacity reactors and large diameter flasks, and also the construction of conduits for gases, vapours, and low vacuum extraction. The Quickfit® flat flange joints are available with bore sizes of 25 – 100mm.

Other Joints

Including spherical and screw thread joints are also available in the Quickfit® range.

My Quickfit® Glassware joint sizes do not match, what can I do?

Use one of the Quickfit® expansion or reduction adapters

Quickfit® glassware comes with a range of joint sizes. When the joint size of one piece of glassware match with that of another, connecting them within your set up is easy. However, things may not be so straightforward and some items may only come in a limited choice of joint sizes. In this case, there is a handy range of reduction or expansion adapters which facilitates the connection of these joints.

Reduction Adapter

A reduction adapter is designed with a small socket on the top and a larger sized cone on the bottom. This is used to connect glassware with a larger socket into that with a smaller size cone.

Expansion Adapter

An expansion adapter is designed with a large socket on the top and a smaller cone on the bottom. This is used to connect glassware with a small socket into that with a larger cone.

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