Looking after your glass washer

Looking after your glasswasher is the key to its longevity.  It makes sense to look after it so that performance does not diminish and that glassware is cleaned to the same standard no matter what. Only by maintaining the condition and cleaning it properly, can this be guaranteed.

Cleaning your glass washer

Debris that collects on the filter screen should be cleaned daily to ensure that any solid matter, label debris and particles are removed.


  • Paper labels and glue block the filter so they should be removed after each wash
  • Any faults should be reported as early as possible to prevent any further damage
  • An annual service will prolong the life and we have some that are regularly serviced over 30 years old
Stick off LabelsStick off Labels

Performance evaluations

A servicing contract is the best way to check the performance of your glasswasher and this will in turn check that it is working efficiently and highlight any problems along the way. The glasswasher has parts that need replacing on a regular basis like door seals and filters. As part of the service the glasswasher will be tested for performance by running a test cycle.

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