Caring for your ductless fume hood

How often should I have my fume hood serviced?

The ductless fume hood should give years and years of good service if serviced annually. Camlab can provide maintenance contracts for 3-5 years and extended warranties so everything is taken care of. Having a service contract with us means that your servicing will be booked in advance and one of our service engineers will check the flow rate of the hood, check that the system is functioning properly and the user is still protected from any harmful chemicals. A service report will be issued after the service.

How do I deal with any chemical spills in the fume hood?

Spills should be mopped up quickly with an absorbant cloth or paper towel and disposed of responsibly. Never use any chemical based cleaners as the vapours will shorten the life of the carbon filter.

How do I dispose of any excess chemicals?

Dispose of any unwanted chemicals by referring to the guidelines on the material safety data sheet (MSDS). It's not advisable to use the hood to evaporate chemicals as this will saturate the carbon filter and it will need replacement.

Is there anything I should do before using the fume hood?

It's always best to check the air flow before commencement. The SMART ductless fume hoods will slowly blink to let you know that the air flow is optimal, but on hoods with this feature its best to check the airflow indicator before use.

Airflow should be 80-120 feet per minute.

Check the sash is also fitted correctly and in the right position for use.

I think my filters may be saturated, how do I know if i'm still protected?

The erlab SMART filtering hood has several alarms built in and will alert the user if there is breakthrough in the carbon filter.

It will alsos alert the user if the fan speed is low or there is a fault with the fan itself.

If the filter has chemical breakthrough you will need to call Camlab on 01954 233110 quoting the serial number of the hood so we can provide new filters.