New Stuart Hotplate Stirrers

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New Stuart Hotplate Stirrers
Stuart would like to introduce the Undergrad range of hotplate stirrers. Stylish and economical, the Undergrad range offers a number of novel features, and are available at a very reasonable price. [caption id="attachment_2202" align="alignleft" width="645"]Stuart Hotplate Stirrers Stuart Hotplate Stirrers[/caption] The Undergrad range will replace our current analogue units, CB/SB16X and SC/CC16X. The Undergrad units feature a unique LED temperature indicator which surrounds the heater control knob and progressively illuminates to indicate the actual surface temperature. This not only provides a bright, obvious indication that the unit is hot, which can be seen from across the room, but also clearly differentiates the heat and stir controls. The heating units all feature a hot warning light that is mains independent, it will continue to flash while the surface temperature is above 50oC, even once the unit is switched off and unplugged from the mains. These units are also compatible with the existing SCT1 temperature controller, once connected the SCT1 will accurately control the sample temperature up to 200oC. The chassis of the units have been designed so they can be stored on their side, taking up less space and all models feature a recess underneath that allows a retort stand to slide underneath, saving valuable time where numerous units need to be set up, for example in an educational environment. However there is also an integral fitting for a retort rod. The new range is available with a choice of surfaces, either ceramic for high temperatures and chemical resistance or ceramic coated metal for robustness and excellent conductivity. The SC162 and CC162 hotplate stirrers will be rationalised once stocks have been exhausted, but we will continue to offer the SB/CB units until approximately May 2012. From then all orders for the SB/CB models will be switched over to the equivalent Undergrad model. Alternatively stock of the new units is available from Camlab now.
UndergradModel Description Price £ Equivalent outgoing model
UC152 Stirrer/hotplate, ceramic plate £285.00 CB162, CC162
US152 Stirrer/hotplate, ceramic coated aluminium plate £275.00 SB162, SC162
US151 Stirrer, stainless steel plate £195.00 SB161
UC151 Stirrer, ceramic plate £199.00 CB161
US150 Hotplate, ceramic coated aluminium plate £220.00 SB160
UC150 Hotplate, ceramic plate £230.00 CB160
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