Introducing Stuarts Latest Undergrad Hotplates and Stirrers

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Introducing Stuarts Latest Undergrad Hotplates and Stirrers

Stuart by Cole Parmer have recently given their trusty Undergrad hotplate and stirrer range a modern new look! Replacing older models, the new and updated Undergrads feature robust tough outer casing to prevent damage caused by knocks. They come in a clean blue and white colour scheme.

The entire Undergrad range comprises of analogue magnetic stirrers, analogue hotplates and a choice of analogue or digital hotplate stirrers. For units with temperature control, there is also the possibility of adding the SCT2 temperature controller complete with stainless steel probe. This allows you to control the temperature of your sample (up to 200C) and not just the plate surface temperature.

UC152 - hotplate stirrer with analogue controls

UC152D - hotplate stirrer with digital controls.

Features of the Undergrad Range:

  • Micro-processor controlled dual thermocouples - ensuring accurate temperature control and preventing the unit from dangerously overheating.
  • Robust Outer Casing - aluminium outer casing is strong and robust to help prevent damage caused by any knocks. Units are also IP32 rated for water and dust resistance. The design of the control panel helps to prevent any accidental liquid spillage.
  • Biocote anti-microbial additive on casing surface - Biocote contains silver ions with anti-microbial action and has been proven to reduce TVC (total viable counts) of bacteria present on the instruments surface. This helps to prevent the build up of odour and stain-causing bacteria which could prematurely age the instrument, as well as helping to contribute to over all laboratory hygiene. You can read more about Biocote here.
  • Large 15 x 15 cm top plate - in a choice of coated aluminium or ceramic for heated models and stainless steel or ceramic for the magnetic stirrers. Don't know which plate material is best? Click here to read our guide.
  • Stackable design - stackable design helps save precious space in the lab when the units are not in use.
  • Enhance safety features - All heated models feature a hot warning that displays when the plate temperature is above 50C. Unlike some other models on the market, this hot warning still displays when the unit is switched off at the mains.
  • Analogue control models - the dial-based temperature control on the analogue models allows you to set a target temperature (as opposed to just an arbitrary scale). Surrounding the temperature dial is an LED strip that will progressively illuminate to report the plate temperature. This allows you to watch the progress of the plate coming up to temperature in real time. Stirring speed can be set on a 1 - 9 scale, with speeds from 100 up to 2000 rpm.
  • Digital control models - these models feature dials to set your target temperature and the actual plate temperature is clearly displayed on an LED panel.
  • Integral fitting for a retort rod, as well as a raised base on the underside to allow for most standard retort bases to slide underneath.
  • Ability to add an external temperature controller - models with heating can be connected to the SCT2 temperature controller. This enables you to accurately control the temperature of your sample (up to 200C, with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.5C), and not just the plate temperature itself. We highly recommend the use of this for applications that require tighter temperature controls. From experience, we have found that the plate temperature and the sample temperature can vary quite a bit from each other. This is due to external factors such as cooling to the surrounding environment. Please note - to mount the SCT2 controller, a separate retort rod must also be purchased.
SCT2 - temperature controller

You can browse the entire Stuart range here. Please contact our team at if you have any questions.

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