2Mag Inductive Drive Maintenance-free and wear-free stirrers

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2Mag Inductive Drive Maintenance-free and wear-free stirrers
  [caption id="attachment_2902" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="2mag stirrer"]2mag stirrer[/caption] Camlab offers a range of inductive stirrers from 2Mag 2Mag magnetic drives are working on the principle of an inductive drive. This means that instead of conventional motors with magnets which can be problematic, 2Mag stirrers use stationary coils, which are activated through alternating currents. The generated electromagnetic rotating field is 100% wear-free and maintenance-free. The drive does not have any mechanically moved parts, as e.g. belts, bearings or motors. Therefore, the drives are reliable and absolutely wear-free even at high operation temperatures (up to +300 °C).  
  • 100% wear-free No maintenance
  • 30% more stirring power than comparable systems
  • Super-flat, space-saving stirring drives – ideal for robotics
  • Synchronous speed at all stirring points
  • Heat resistance up to +300 °C (on request)
  • Made for permanent operation
  • 3 years warranty on material and manufacturing defects
  • Individual configurations fast and economic realizable
  • More than 30 years experience with inductive and magnetic drive concepts
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