Which hotplate stirrer is the best for my application?

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Which hotplate stirrer is the best for my application?
A hotplate stirrer is used extensively in the lab and is ideal for mixing up and preparing solutions . The Camlab Choice range contains a selection of hotplate stirrers each combining value for money with a range of features. With five models available, you'll be sure to find something suitable for your application.  As an overview, the hotplate stirrers can be grouped according to their plate and body sizes and top temperature:
  • MS-H (consisting of the MS-H-S and MS-H-pro) - 135mm circular plate and top temperature of 340°C
  • MS-H280-pro - 135mm circular plate and top temperature of 28>0°C
  • MS7-H550 (consisting of the MS7-H550-S and MS7-H550-pro) - 7 inch square plate and top temperature of 550°C
All of these hotplate stirrers are supplied with a stir bar. If you need to read more about selecting a different stir bar, you can check out our previous post here.

Hotplate stirrer models in the range:


The MS-H-S is an entry level hotplate stirrer, featuring independent analogue controls for both speed and temperature, without any ports for external connections. It has a round steel plate of diameter 135mm. Speed and temperature are controlled using scale dials. Both parameters have an operating range of 0-1500rpm and ambient - 340°C respectively. This instrument has a maximum capacity of 20L. Great for : simple to use & basic operation  


The MS-H-Pro builds on what the MS-H-S has. They share the same casing , plate size (135mm) and maximum capacity (20L)  however the Pro is more advanced in terms of features. It has a ceramic coated steel plate. The operating speed has a range of 100-1500rpm and temperature has a range of ambient - 340°C. Furthermore, it features an intuitive LCD display which displays both the set (target) temperature of the plate and the working (actual) temperature. Whenever speed is altered, this is displayed transiently. The LCD display means that you can set your target temperature and speed numerically rather than using the scale dial seen in the MS-H-S, which makes it more simple to set the parameter to your desired levels. It also has a Pt1000 port so you can use an optional temperature probe to control your heated liquid temperature rather than that of the plate itself. It features an RS232 port so that you can control the instrument from PC if required. Great for: advanced display and features & RS232 and Pt1000 compatibility 


The MS-H280-Pro has a different body shape to the previous instruments and a reduced maximum capacity of 3L, although it retains the 135mm diameter plate. In terms of features, it can be considered middle ground between the MS-H-S and the MS-H-pro. It has  separate dial controls for speed and temperature with each displaying on the LED display. Speed range is 200-1500rpm controllable in increments of 10 and the temperature range is ambient - 280°C controllable in increments of 1°C. You can also connect a pt1000 temperature probe along with RS232 for external control if required. Great for: if you have a reduced capacity this unit is a great intermediate model still with pt1000 and RS232 connectivity   


MS7-H550-S has a different body shape to the previously mentioned instruments and it features a larger square 7" ceramic plate with a maximum capacity of 10L.  It has independent dials for both temperature and speed and the temperature is shown on the LED display whilst stirring speed is controlled with a scale dial. The temperature has an operating range of ambient - 550°C whilst  speed is controllable from 0-1500 rpm. This hotplate stirrer also benefits from a pt1000 port so you can attach an external temperature probe. Great for : very high temperatures and a large hotplate   


MS7-H550-Pro builds on the MS7-H550-S, with the same body, plate size and maximum temperature, the Pro has an increased capacity of 20L. It also has a more in depth display - the same seen in the MS-H-pro (displaying both the set and actual working values).  This means that both the temperature and speed are displayed on the LCD rather than just temperature being displayed like in the MS7-H550-S. Its stirring speed is controllable from 100-1500rpm and it also features a pt1000 and RS232 port. Great for : very high temperatures and a large hotplate, where an advanced display of settings is required   We have also made this comparison table so you can see, at a glance, the difference between the different models of hotplate stirrer.

Comparison of hotplate stirrer models

Model  Max. Temp. Speed Range Max. Capacity Plate Material Plate Shape/Width Display Pt1000 RS232
MS-H-S 340C 0-1500rpm 20L Steel Round,Ø135mm Analogue  X  X
MS-H-Pro 340C 100-1500rpm 20L Ceramic coated Round,Ø135mm LCD (Temp,speed)  Y  Y
MS-H280-Pro 280C 200-1500rpm 3L Ceramic coated Round,Ø135mm LED (Temp,speed)  Y  Y
MS7-H550-S 550C 0-1500rpm 10L Ceramic Square,7" LED (Temp only)  Y  X
MS7-H550-Pro 550C 100-1500rpm 20L Ceramic Square,7" LCD (Temp,speed)  Y  Y
  You can browse the Camlab Choice range of hotplate stirrers here. If you sample is highly viscous, we recommend the use of a hotplate and over head stirrer. If you have any questions or need help picking the most suitable model, contact us at support@camlab.co.uk or call 01954 233 110.  
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