Guardian Hotplate Stirrers with New Innovative Features

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Guardian Hotplate Stirrers with New Innovative Features
The Ohaus Guardian 7000 range of hotplate stirrers are changing the way we use small bench top appliances in the laboratory. How many of us have set the hotplate to run and then got distracted with other tasks, only to find a horrible burning smell and a dried out beaker on the hotplate! Not only is it inconvenient it's also very dangerous as it could catch fire and cause noxious fumes. Ohaus have addressed this in a very comprehensive way, and introduced NEW safety measure on their Guardian 7000 range of hotplate stirrers. Learn more about these safety features: SmartPresence™  - automatically shuts off the heater if no-one is detected after the user set "time out" period. SmartLink™ - knows when the user is out of range via a Bluetooth link between the the hotplate and the users mobile phone. SmartRate™ -  allows precise control of temperature and speed ramp rates. SmartHeat™ - allows the user to control the maximum temperature preventing overheating of sensitive samples. SafetyHeat™ - an industry leading early detection system that uses two independent safety controls to continuously monitor the electronics and shut off heating before over temperature occurs. SmartHousing™ - chemically resistant housings ensure the hotplate stirrer is easy to clean and the unique design channels spills away from internal components. For more information regarding the Ohaus range of hotplate stirrers including the Guardian 5000 hotplate stirrers and the Magnetic Stirrers please contact Camlab on 01954233110 or
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