Dissolved Oxygen analysis in Wine

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Dissolved Oxygen analysis in Wine

The level of dissolved oxygen in wine is crucial in ensuring a long life, stable product which won’t spoil or age rapidly.

Dissolved Oxygen levels are crucial in wine to ensure stable and controlled maturation


Colorimetric (colour based) methods of dissolved oxygen testing – such as with Accuvac Ampoules on a spectrophotometer – are not suitable for wine testing, since the wine is already coloured to begin with. These are designed for testing clear water samples, where the colour change during the test is sharp and clear.

A dissolved oxygen meter should be used, but not all are suitable for testing in wine.

The HQ30D meter by Hach is recommended for wine testing, and it trusted by wine producers around the world for this important test.


How does dissolved oxygen affect wine?

The quality of the wine is affected in several ways by the dissolved oxygen present – colour deepens, microorganisms multiply, freshness and aroma can be lost and ageing can be rapid.

However some oxygen in required, particularly in red wines, to ensure the maturation process develops – too little and unpleasant odours from hydrogen sulphide can develop, or tannin structures can be dry.

The level present also changes the consumption rate of the sulphurous acid preservative – so determining dissolved oxygen before filling allows the correct sulphur dioxide dosage to be added.

The Hach HQ Meters and LDO electrodes

Portable – The portable HQ meters by Hach with the maintenance free LDO oxygen electrodes allow measuring of dissolved oxygen in a simple, portable unit – so you can easily test at different stages from barrel to tank or bottle.

The HQ40D meter by Hach for measuring 2 parameters simultaneously, ideal for dissolved oxygen and pH monitoring of wine


Suitable for Wine samples – Unlike many other dissolved oxygen sensors, the readings achieved by the LDO electrodes are not effected by other substances present in the wine. It makes no difference if the wine is red, rose or white, or if it is cloudy or turbid.

Rugged for production environments – As well as their standard probes, rugged probes with cables of up to 30m long are available, for testing around site and lowering into tanks from further away.

Measure pH and dissolved oxygen on one unit – for winemakers also interested in the pH value of their products, the HQ40D model can accept 2 probes, so measuring pH and dissolved oxygen can be done at the same time.


For more information on the HQ30D and HQ40D meters for dissolved oxygen measurement, just follow the links above or contact us;

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