Measuring Dissolved Oxygen in Wine

Measuring Dissolved Oxygen in Wine
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Measuring Dissolved Oxygen in Wine

Oxygen can dissolve into wine throughout production causing wine oxidation which in small amounts can be beneficial to some varieties such as red wines, but in large amounts can shorten the wine’s life and lower the quality. Being able to measure the dissolved oxygen throughout wine production allows the winemaker to control and influence the amount of oxygen exposed to each variety before bottling. Bottling the wine can introduce unwanted oxygen and this can be controlled by using a vacuum pump or inserting carbon dioxide into the headspace to reduce the oxygen content.

Flint Vineyard, a TRUEscience customer, measure both pH and dissolved oxygen throughout wine production. The TRUEscience system consists of a wireless SMART Cap and electrode which transmits your results via Bluetooth to an Android phone or tablet. The wireless SMART Cap can be moved around the winery or lab freely, and you can leave it in solution logging results or set it to alert you if your reading goes above or below a set value. You can connect up to 6 SMART Caps measuring pH, dissolved oxygen, redox and/or selective ions and view the results simultaneously on your tablet screen. See the below video where Ben from Flint Vineyard describes the importance of measuring dissolved oxygen in wine production:


If you are interested about learning more about measuring dissolved oxygen, or how the TRUEscience system works get in touch with us by calling 01954 233120, emailing us at, or filling in the below form and we will get in touch.

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