Why is measuring the pH in wine making important?

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Why is measuring the pH in wine making important?

Ben Witchell, manager of wine production at the wonderful Flint Vineyard, tells us why monitoring the pH throughout wine making is vital. Ben studied Oenology and Viticulture at Plumpton college and now with his wife Hannah run Flint Vineyard in the beautiful Norfolk countryside. Throughout the wine production process the pH is tested; from measuring the grapes to decide when they are ready to be picked to checking how stable the wine is before bottling. He tells us all about the process in the below video:


Ben uses the TRUEscience SMART Cap to make his pH measurements. Using low energy Bluetooth the SMART Cap communicates results wirelessly to an Android phone or tablet in real time. This eliminates cables and enables him to move the meter freely around his winery and lab. Check out Ben’s TRUEscience user experience video to see why he chose to measure pH with this intuitive android based system.

You can connect up to 6 SMART Caps to one tablet to measure different parameters simultaneously – Ben also needs to measure the dissolved oxygen throughout the wine making process, see this video to learn about why dissolved oxygen is important to wine making.


There is a wide range of applications for measuring pH and therefore many requirements in the perfect pH meter. If you need help deciding which pH meter is best for you in your testing environment please get in touch with us on support@camlab.co.uk, phone us on 01954 233 120 or fill in the below form.

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