TRUEscience makes organising pH results easy

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TRUEscience makes organising pH results easy

The team at TRUEscience have had years of experience in supporting users of traditional pH meters. During their time they have seen all the frustrations that people have when using these meters – unclear buttons, difficult interfaces, trouble saving and retrieving results.


Before, a user would take and save a set of pH measurements on their pH meter and later go back to analyse the results to be presented with a list of results without names all mixed together from different jobs. To help solve this issue the TRUEscience system team created a Jobs feature for their app.

The Jobs tab allows you to keep a historical record for one task or reading area. For example, if you need to record the pH of the wash solution used in your process every day you may create a job list called “wash solution” and record readings under it every day. Not only can this help organise and analyse your results, you can enrich the pH readings with the addition of names, notes, photos and a GPS location.

To see an overview at how the job function of the TRUEscience works check out our video below:


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