TRUEscience- changing pH Measurement

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TRUEscience- changing pH Measurement
    [caption id="attachment_10711" align="aligncenter" width="407"]TRUEscience SMART pH Cap TRUEscience SMART pH Cap[/caption] TRUEscience launched their brand new Smart Bluetooth pH meter at Lab Innovations in November with their brilliant Milli-Vault mini museum experience. If you attended you couldn’t fail to notice the stand, with its black bank vault trimmed with a huge vault door, welcoming visitors to the experience the “Milli-Vault”. Utilising the computing power of a basic Android tablet, the system offers users rich content to make their work easier: the full colour screen with clear wording, image and animation prompts, help videos and online chat are all totally different to traditional “box and button press” meters. [caption id="attachment_10713" align="aligncenter" width="300"]TRUEscience complete pH Cap Kit TRUEscience complete pH Cap Kit[/caption] The whole system is modern and slick, enabling users who have not been formal scientific training to jump straight in and perform accurate tests. “We know that many of our customers are not scientists – engineers, quality control teams, site managers, brewers, food producers… the range of people who need to perform pH tests are vast, and they don’t always have formal scientific training. We wanted to create a device which can guide everybody through the test process, making it accessible to everyone.” David Miller from the development team told us. [caption id="attachment_10715" align="aligncenter" width="300"]TRUEscience Caps in grey or white TRUEscience Caps in grey or white[/caption] This isn’t to say that scientists are excluded though; he added “Of course the meter can still be used in more advanced testing environments, where features like the batch traceability of calibration solutions and individual user controls will help at GLP sites.” The system is designed around one simple idea – “making measurement SMART”. “No matter what industry you work in or what you’re testing, we want your meter to help you as much as it can – it should be an assistant, not just a tool.” David explains. “The initial feedback we got was great, people loved the clear and simple approach. The App continues to change as we get more feedback, and this will just keep improving. We love to hear any ideas for system improvements, and because it’s an App users can just update it on their tablet to get these improvements installed right away.” For more information, videos and a brochure visit  or see our video of the launch of this product at Lab Innovations [caption id="attachment_10675" align="aligncenter" width="401"]Lab Innovations 2016 TRUEscience stand at Lab Innovations 2016[/caption]
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