Flint Vineyard: a TRUEscience user story

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Flint Vineyard: a TRUEscience user story

One of the key user frustrations the TRUEscience team came across whilst developing the TRUEscience pH meter was how cluttered it was to have wires going across the lab bench from the meter to electrode and another for the temperature probe. Not only untidy, but you have to hold both of these in the sample at the same time as well as taking a reading on the meter with the other.

TRUEscience addressed these issues by having a wireless pH meter, which has the electrode and temperature probe secured together which makes it much easier to move around. It can also be used hands free by fastening the cap to your sample container using the specially designed SMART clip.

Ben from Flint Vineyard benefits from the TRUEscience meter portability as he can take measurements in and around his lab and winery. He tells us about his experience with using the TRUEscience pH cap to take pH readings throughout the wine making process in Norfolk:


For more information or a demonstation of the TRUEscience SMART cap please get in touch with one of the team by phoning 01954 233 120, email support@camlab.co.uk or fill in the form below.

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