How do I choose a magnetic stirring bar / magnetic flea?

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How do I choose a magnetic stirring bar / magnetic flea?

Choosing a magnetic stir bar (also known as magnetic fleas) which is the right shape and size for your task can make the stirring action much more effective.

Mixing with a magnetic stir bar on a hotplate stirrer


Use our guide below to choose a suitable magnetic stirring bar…

Choosing the right shape of magnetic stir bar will ensure the mixing is efficient and reduce wear and abrasion of the PTFE coating.

Name Applications
Cylindrical Stir Bar General purpose stirrer for smooth stirring
Plain Stir Bar Similar to cylindrical, but with more turbulence at low speed
Pivot Ring Stir Bar For use where the container base is slightly curved or uneven. The pivot lets the stir bar adopt the optimum position for stirring
Octahedral Stir Bar Similar to the pivot ring type, but with more turbulence at low speed
Spherical Stir Bar For stirring in test tubes or eccentric stirring
Oval Stir Bar For use in round bottom flasks (boiling flasks)
Cross Stir Bar Suitable for general purpose stirring, very stable to reduce "jumping"
Crosshead Stir Bar For use in tube shaped containers or other containers - ideal when working in both test tubes and beakers or flasks
Triangular Stir Bar For dissolving solids or mixing of sediments. The flat base gives a scraping action for disturbing solids


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This is very useful blog you have share here for guidance of how to select best magnetic stirrer hot plate for preparing chemicals in laboratories for research works.