What vials and sample cells are compatible with my Hach DR900?

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What vials and sample cells are compatible with my Hach DR900?

The DR900 by Hach is a robust, portable colorimeter, capable of performing many dozens of different tests, supporting the Hach chemistry type. It can accept a number of different sizes cuvettes/samples cells –

Hach DR900 colorimeter


Every Hach method comes with a handy method sheet (see below), detailing the exact cuvette (and also material- glass or plastic) needed to perform that test with each instrument. Here, you will be able to see if that method is compatible with your instrument along with any further accessories if required. If you would like to read more about the different types of sample cells and cuvettes used in the Hach range of colorimeters and spectrophotometers (including the DR1900, DR3900 and DR6000), check out our other post here


For any queries on Hach methods, or compatible accessories needed to perform your tests, we will be happy to assist. Please fill out the contact form below or alternatively you can email us at support@camlab.co.uk.

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