New Camlab CW1000+ Pocket Colorimeter for Chlorine

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New Camlab CW1000+ Pocket Colorimeter for Chlorine
New from Camlab a pocket colorimeter for chlorine which is compatible with all major reagent brands and types Including Hach and Tintometer. The Camlab Water  CW1000+ pocket colorimeter for Chlorine is supplied in a carry case with 100 tests all you need to test for chlorine in drinking water. [caption id="attachment_631" align="alignleft" width="107" caption="Camlab Water pocket colorimeter"][/caption] The new design of the CW1000+ pocket colorimeter for Chlorine has a fully waterproof sample cell to ensure longlife and easy cleaning. An optional IR interface can be used to download data to a PC. For a demo or more info contact Camlab.
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