Message E1 on a Hach Dr2800 spectrophotometer

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Message E1 on a Hach Dr2800 spectrophotometer
I have  been doing some testing with my Hach DR2800 and the screen showed a message E1 after the blank vial is this an error message - what does this mean? [caption id="attachment_2899" align="aligncenter" width="300"]DR2800 portable spectrophotometer DR2800 portable spectrophotometer[/caption] There are a number of tests in the Hach LCK cuvette range that require a blank vial to be tested prior to running a sample. The value E1 on screen indicates that this value is to be subtracted from the final reading. This will also appear with some tests where the value is measured before and after the sample addition. The hach DR2800 spectrophotometer has been discontinued and replaced by the DR3900 benchtop spectrophotometer and the DR1900 portable spectrophotometer. Camlab are able to offer both the new product and a range of services for the older units, including spares, calibration and replacement test kits, contact us below for details. Full Hach Range online at camlab
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