Hach DR900 lost data programes

Hach DR900
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Hach DR900 lost data programes
Do you have a Hach DR900? Have you lost the ability to view and access it's stored programs? dr900 There is a potential for the Hach DR 900 to lose the ability to view and access its stored programmes. This is a result of the internal data log overwriting the stored programme file. This will most likely occur on instruments that have performed in excess of 1,700 tests.  In addition, there is also a possibility of the loss of internally stored data records. Note, this issue has been corrected with firmware version 1.06.

Indication of Problem

The failure mode for the “stored programme loss” issue manifests in two formats:
  1. If the instrument has stored more than 1,759 test results, stored programme names will be replaced by numerical zero’s (0).
  2. If the instrument has run considerably more than the 1,759 tests without the user having accessed or changed the selected programme, upon accessing the “All Programmes” menu the instrument will freeze and require a reset (remove batteries) to resume functionality.

Problem Resolution

It is recommended to update the software of all Hach DR 900 instruments whether or not they exhibit the above mentioned problem(s).  See ‘Firmware Update’ below for directions on this update.
  1. Connect to instrument to a USB and backup data log and any user programmes.
  2. Perform factory reset.
  3. Connect to USB and upgrade firmware.
  4. With the USB still connected, reinstall SPM file.

Firmware Update

Please visit Hach dr900 downloads This will open to the Hach DR 900 product page. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the Hach DR 900 900 Software Firmware update and follow the Hach DR 900 Firmware and SPM update instructions.  Note; the new version of firmware is Version 1.07.6. Please contact our Technical Support team for assistance if needed. Call us on 01954 233120.
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