Oxygen Meters- SD 400 Oxi L

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Oxygen Meters- SD 400 Oxi L

The SD 400 Oxi L is Oxygen meter which allows the measurement of dissolved oxygen (DO) at a high level. This is done thanks to the optical technology of luminescence.


It uses an Optical DO probe which has distinct advantages:

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy calibration
  • Fast response
  • High accuracy

The applications for this meter include:

  • Waste Water
  • Water Treatment
  • Marine Water
  • Surface Water
  • Drinking/Potable Water

Alternatively available for DO analysis is the TRUEscience SMART DO Cap which features a Galvanic DO probe, the advantages of which are:

  • Fast response
  • Rugged construction

Both of these advantages ensure calibration and measurement are fast and consistent.

The applications of the TRUEscience DO probe are similar to the SD400, with the added advantage of being able to be use for:

  • Brewing
  • Wine Making

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If you would like any more advice about Dissolved Oxygen meters please contact us at support@camlab.co.uk

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