Waste Collection & Filter Replacement Service - camGUARD

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Waste Collection & Filter Replacement Service - camGUARD

If hazardous waste is mismanaged it has the potential to cause harm to the environment and human health. As a result, strict controls apply from the point of its production, to its movement, management and disposal.

Most common labs are home to at least one fume hood or controlled storage cabinet fitted with carbon filters. By trapping and binding harmful chemical vapours these filters are key to the protection of laboratory personnel. To be effective, these hazardous filters need timely replacement and this needs to be done in a controlled manner.

Unknown to some, these filters are not allowed to be thrown away in general waste! They contain hazardous concentrated chemicals which is a biohazard to both the environment and anyone that comes into contact with them.

Camlab have created the camGUARD™ system to provide a hazardous waste collection and disposal service for saturated carbon filters used in laboratory fume hoods and storage cabinets.

The camGUARD™ reminder service provides a safe and economical method for the safe replacement and correct disposal of these types of filters. Camlab is authorised to collect, store and consolidate ‘used’ carbon filters as part of the Non-Waste Framework Directive (NWFD) exemptions and as such does not contravene S33(1)a Environmental Protection Act 1990.

This approval by the Environment Agency allows Camlab to operate as a ‘Collection Point’ for all brands. This economic consolidation of used carbon filters ensures controlled disposal and provides a significant cost saving to the user.

If this is a service you are interested and want to talk to someone about your options please give us a ring on 01954 233 110 or give one of our service team an email on service@camlab.co.uk

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