The Valiquest system for ductless fume hoods explained

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The Valiquest system for ductless fume hoods explained
The Erlab Valiquest system for ductless fume hoods is designed to protect the user from dangerous chemical fumes. Unlike other manufacturer's of ductless fume hoods, Erlab have a program that allows the user to list the chemicals used in the hood, the amount used and the exposure time. Using this information, the chemists at Erlab are able to determine:
  • the best carbon filter for the hood.
  • the lifetime of that filter.
  • whether additional hepa filters for powders are required.

New Erlab ductless hood installations:

The three step process is very easy with the introduction of the e-valiquest system. The user can complete the form online and once we receive the recommendation, the customer can choose how to configure the fume hood. 1. e-Valiquest Questionnaire - This determines the most appropriate filtering fume hood for total safety during sample handling. This needs to be completed online before a quotation can be issued for the complete system. 2. Valipass Service - certifies and secures the usage framework of your fume hood at installation 3. Valiguard - Reinforces your safety during the lifetime of the fume cabinet by constantly monitoring the usage and applications of the hood. A consultation visit from one of our product specialists is available for fume hoods. Typically our specialist will be able to go through the following aspects with you to help you make the right choices:
  • your product or service requirements
  • performance criteria
  • budget constraints
  • site access
  • project timeframes
  • services available
  • environmental factors
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I have a different fume hood - can I get filters for it?

Yes of course and we have thousands of after-market filters for all leading brands. The valiquest can be completed to determine the best type of carbon filter, and the right quantity for your fume hood. The process is very similar to buying a new fume hood so once we know which type of filter is required they can be replaced at the recommended time with one quick call to Camlab. If the manipulations of chemicals changes in the hood then a new valiquest should be completed. For more information on either a new ductless fume hood or replacement filters for your existing hood contact camlab
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