Mobile Filtration Fume Hoods provide Performance and Energy Savings

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Mobile Filtration Fume Hoods provide Performance and Energy Savings
[caption id="attachment_5827" align="alignleft" width="192"]The safe way to extract!
The safe way to extract![/caption] Designed by Erlab, Captair Flex® non ducted mobile filtration fume hoods ensures optimal operator protection by being able to adapt itself to the handling protection by being able to adapt itself to the handlil combined, in laboratories and clean rooms.The Captair Flex line can be configured to the protection needs of laboratories. By combining molecular and HEPA H14 filtration technologies. the Flex technology allows the user to handle a very large variety of liquid handlings such as dilutions, titrations, extractions, transfers, solid handlings such as sieving, grindings, weighings, formulations, compressions, to combine liquids and solids for dissolutions, filtration 3nd extraction. This new line can also be adapted to the lab environment such as cleanrooms up to class ISO 5 classification. Filtration technologies used in the design of Captair Flex non ducted filtration fume hoods enable to protect laboratory users but also to protect the environment: Since no ductwork is required it totally eliminates the direct discharge of pollutants into the atmosphere, reducing carbon footprint as it does not generate any pollution linked to energy production unlike a traditional ducted fume hood. Its installation is quick and easy. There is no need for a ductwork linked to an air supply / air extraction system, in comparison to traditional ducted systems. Its setting up can be realised at any time, without any complex forward planning. Users can also benefit from the use of an immediately available unit, easy to relocate without disturbing room air balance. This ductwork air balance, essential to the proper operation of a traditional ducted fume hood, is also the source of very important energy consumption. Captai Flex filtered enclosures do not generate any energy costs associated with the use of expensive extraction systems or conditioned air supplies. Operational costs can, by consequence, remain at a minimum even when taking into account filter changes. The compliance of the Captair Flex range with the 2009 AFNOR NF X 15-211, the major standard related to ductless filtering fume hoods insures users real performance criteria with regards to filtration efficiency, containment and the air face velocity. Request more info by clicking here
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