Safer to operate, simpler to use, New SMART Fume hoods from Erlab

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Safer to operate, simpler to use, New SMART Fume hoods from Erlab
We've discussed the benefits of ducted or ductless fume hoods in previous blogs. The concept of ductless filtering is now well established and many users are realising the enormous benefits  and cost savings associated with this approach. Erlab, one of the leading manufacturers of ductless filtering systems has taken this concept a step further by introducing a new SMART range of both ductless fume hoods and chemical storage cabinets. They are safer to operate, combining activated carbon and HEPA/ULPA filters to adapt to the chemical manipulations required. The new SMART series has real time sensors to detect main filter saturation with solvents, formaldehyde or organic vapours. Erlab have also included a secondary safety filter in case of main filter saturation. Gone is the manual air flow sensor, replaced by the air face velocity sensor built into the cabinet and an alarm should the fan fail at any time. The biggest benefits to emerge are the cost savings.. With no external ducting required and the savings this brings, the new SMART fume cabinets cost less than 100 euros to run per year, and even taking the cost of the replacement filter into account there are massive savings over conventional ducted systems. There is no chemical release into the atmosphere, and the cabinet has low energy consumption making it the ideal choice for academia and institutions where lowering their carbon footprint is becoming mandatory. [caption id="attachment_7951" align="aligncenter" width="212"]Captair Smart 321 Fume Hood Captair Smart 321 Fume Hood[/caption] The new Smart Fume hoods have light guided communication which is constantly visible around the filter housing. When the light is constant the hood is operating safely. To alert you the light will start to gently pulse or flash. A simple light pattern will indicate if:
  • Air flow is compromised
  • The fan has failed
  • Filter breakthrough as occurred and the filter needs changing
  • The Draft shield was left open for a prolonged time
The eguard App gives you remote control to monitor the fume hood, change the settings and deliver safety alerts immediately to your mobile, tablet or PC. The SMART fume hoods have added detection systems with three types of 'molecode' detectors which monitor the filter saturation and activate the visual detector when the filter needs changing.
  • Molecode S for solvents
  • Molecode A for acids
  • Molecode F for Formaldehyde
The same technology applies to the Smart range of Ductless fume hoods and Storage Cabinets. For more information and to find out which hood is right for your own laboratory contact us to arrange a free consultation.
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