Ductless Fume Hoods

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Ductless Fume Hoods

Easy to locate and install. Ductless fume cupboards can be placed wherever they are required and adapted to a wide range of applications. With our expert advice and support ductless fume hoods present an environmentally sensitive solution to personal lab protection.The first step to determine the right ductless cabinet for your application is to complete the e-Valiquest Questionnaire.

The three step ESP (Erlab Safety Program) program ensures your selection of fume cabinet and filter is trouble free and ensures correct operation of the unit throughout it's service life.

1. e-Valiquest Questionnaire - This determines the most appropriate filtering fume hood for total safety during sample handling. The e-valiquest is easy to complete and once we have received the results, a quotation will be sent.

2. Valipass Service - certifies and secures the usage framework of your fume hood at installation

3. Valiguard - Reinforces your safety during the lifetime of the fume cabinet by constantly monitoring the usage and applications of the hood.

We contact you on a regular basis to check your applications and usage making your safety worry-free and allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a ductless fume hood.

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