How to choose an Omni Handheld Homogeniser?

Omni Handheld Homogeniser
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How to choose an Omni Handheld Homogeniser?

There are some key questions to tackle when deciding what homogeniser will best suit your application. Camlab partner with Omni International, a leading global manufacturer of homogenisers who set the standard when it comes with outstanding product design, reliable performance and a uniquely diversified solution based product line.

What volume range will you be working with ? Do you prefer analogue or digital controls? Watch the below video to see an overview of the Omni range.


If you require help choosing the correct probe type for your homogeniser, check out our previous blog ‘How to choose the correct Omni Homogeniser Probe’.

For more details on the Omni range, require application support or would like a demonstration please get in touch with our technical support team: phone 01954233120, email or fill in the form below.

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