Omni Tip Plastic homogeniser probes - Frequently asked questions

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Omni Tip Plastic homogeniser probes - Frequently asked questions
The unique Omni plastic homogenising probes are a time saving innovation from Omni Inc. These probes are easy to clean and come as a simple 2 part design, they can be easily cleaned and autoclaved if necessary and are suitable for a wide range of applications. Submit details of your applications here. [caption id="attachment_529" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Omni_Tips closeup"]Omni_Tips closeup[/caption] Omni have collected a number of frequently asked questions about the Omni tips so you can make an informed purchased. Camlab hold stock of both types of Omni tips in the Uk as well as the full range of Omni Homogenisers Q: What is the recommended processing volume for Omni Tips? A: Volume ranges are from .25ml to 30ml Q: What types of samples can be processed with Omni Tips? A: Omni Tips are ideal for small tissues samples (soft and hard/frozen), most plants. Not ideal for bone or skin. The Omni metal generator probes can be used for this application. Q: Are Omni Tips easy to clean? A: Omni Tips are easy to disassemble (no tools required) and clean. A customer may choose to clean Omni Tips between each sample or batch clean after the homogenization process is complete. Common cleaning methods include autoclaving up to 250°F, chlorine bleach (5%), Alcohol (70%) . Omni Tips may also be disposed of after one use to completely eliminate cleaning and the concern of cross contamination. Q: What about sample loss concerns with the Omni Tips? A: Sample loss is eliminated with clear two piece construction (sample is always visible). Q: How do Omni Tips eliminate cross contamination concerns? A: Omni Tips are disposable or autoclavable up to 7 times. Q: What type of reagent kits are recommended for use with the Omni Tips? A: The Omni Tips are suitable for use with most reagent kits. Reagent kits containing trizol, phenol, guanidine, and/or chloroform will reduce the effective life of the Omni Tips to one or two uses. Q: What is the plastic composition of the Omni Tips? A: The clear external tube is polycarbonate (Lexan) and the blue or black internal shaft is polyetherimide (Ultem). Q: I share a homogenizer in my lab. Will that be a problem with Omni Tips? A: Omni Tips are virtually unbreakable. No worries of costly broken probes, or sample contamination from previous processing. Q: What is the difference between the soft tissue and hard tissue Omni Tips? A: The soft tissue Omni Tips are ideal for brain tissue, liver, spleen, emulsions and suspensions. The hard tissue Omni Tips are ideal for heart, tumors, fatty tissue, muscle, kidney, lung as well as most soft tissue applications. Physically, the hard tissue Omni Tips have a saw tooth tube and a more aggressive blade profile when compared to the soft tissue Omni Tips. Q: Are Omni Tips compatible with liquid nitrogen? A: Yes, they can be used in liquid nitrogen. Q: How many uses can I get out of Omni Tips? A: On average, customers get between 5-15 uses per Omni Tip. If autoclaving the Omni Tips, the number of uses will reduce to approximately seven. We have also had some customers get as many as 100 uses per Omni Tip. [caption id="attachment_1468" align="alignright" width="139" caption="Omni Th kit"]Omni Th kit[/caption] Q: Do Omni Tips really work as well as the stainless steel probes? A: The processing capabilities of the Omni Tips are virtually identically to stainless steel probes. The stainless steel probes however, are more effective with sample types such as skin, bone, cartilage and some other hard tissues. Q: Are Omni Tips available in different diameters or lengths? A: The Omni Tips are currently offered in a 7mmx110mm (diameter x length) configuration. Q: Are the Omni Tips sold sterile? A: The Omni Tips are not sold sterile, but can be autoclaved and the customer may option to receive the Omni Tips in autoclavable bags.
Omni Th kit
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