New Stuart Homogenisers

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New Stuart Homogenisers
Homogenisers are the modern day pestle and mortar. They are used to blend unlike elements and make them homogenous or as one, and as such are an essential laboratory tool for sample preparation. Both of the new Stuart models are suitable for standard applications such as cell disruption, DNA and RNA isolation and simple emulsions. And of course they can be used for preparation of tougher samples such as lung, skin, bone and cartilage, even with the disposable probes. SHM1: The first homogeniser that Stuart has introduced is the SHM1. The SHM1 is lightweight and has been ergonomically designed as it is predominantly a handheld unit, although it can also be stand mounted for prolonged use. The SHM1 has a powerful, variable speed motor. Speed can be varied between 5,000 and 35,000rpm. It is compatible with either reusable stainless steel probes or disposable probes, and can be used to process sample volumes up to 100ml. SHM2: The bigger brother of the SHM1 is the SHM2, and with a 700W motor this unit is incredibly powerful. The SHM2 speed can be adjusted between 5,000 and 28,000rpm and sample volumes up to 2 litres can be processed. Whilst the SHM2 can be used as a handheld model it is preferably stand mounted through direct coupling to the Stuart homogeniser stand (SHM/STAND).

Homogeniser probes

Stuart offers a range of stainless steel probes to fit both the SHM1 and SHM2 from 5mm to 20mm (please contact for availability on larger probes) All stainless steel probes have been precision engineered and are suitable for autoclaving. To compliment the stainless steel probes we also offer robust polycarbonate disposable probes. The disposable probes are ideal for preventing cross sample contamination. Once used they can either be disposed of or autoclaved, up to seven times without reduced performance. The disposable probes require the SHM/ADAPT adaptor and are compatible with both of the Stuart homogenisers.


Stuart also offer a purpose built stand for both the SHM1 and SHM2, the SHM/STAND attaches directly to the SHM2 and the SHM1 can be attached using the clamp holder supplied with the unit.
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