What is the difference between the Labcold basic and advanced Fridge/Freezer ranges?

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What is the difference between the Labcold basic and advanced Fridge/Freezer ranges?

The Labcold laboratory range of Refrigerators and Freezers have been designed and developed to meet the demands of scientific and medical professionals.

They cover a large range from Sparkfree Fridges and Freezers, including a fan circulated Sparkfree Refrigerator, cooled incubators as well as Ultra Low Temperature freezers. All have been manufactured to perform to the tight temperature tolerances demanded and most either feature locks or can have locks fitted to the cabinet for safety and security.


Basic range

Built for value and ideal for low cost professional use, the Labcold basic Laboratory Refrigeration range includes both undercounter Lab Fridges and Freezers and free standing models.

Engineered to provide good temperature control, these Laboratory Fridges and Freezers are not sparkfree and unfortunately can’t have any accessories added to the package but maintain Labcold high quality at a budget price.

Advanced range

Robustly designed to withstand the rigors of a busy professional environment, the advanced laboratory refrigerators and freezers by Labcold all feature stainless steel interiors.

All the Labcold Advanced refrigerator and freezer range over 150 litres are mounted on lockable heavy duty castors for easy manoeuverability. They all come complete with door locks and temperature displays plus integral alarms and min/max temperature recording.

The Labcold Advanced range can also be fitted with remote alarm contacts and access ports.

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