Don't risk it! Sparkfree freezers and refrigerators

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Don't risk it! Sparkfree freezers and refrigerators

You will find most refrigerators have a light, perhaps a fan and most definitely a thermostat. Each will produce a spark when they turn on – which is fine if you’re using it to keep your dairy & veg – but in the presence of a flammable vapour….BANG! This could cause an explosion.


This is why, if you are planning to store a substance which is at all flammable it is wise to invest in a sparkfree refrigerator or freezer. These have all sources of ignition removed from the main chamber to remove risk of causing a fire and causing the unit from exploding. Please note these are not designed for the storage of open containers of volatile substances, but only for closed containers those that could potentially submit explosive vapours.

Our Sparkfree range of fridges and freezers by Labcold also have some additional advantages to household units. They are constructed for heavier use, some come complete with a door lock and have a display with the minimum and maximum temperature recording. You can also get an alarm to sound if the temperature is too high, too low or to let you know the door has been left open.


Please get in touch with our technical team to discuss what size unit you are looking for and which features you require and we can help you out. By phone 01954 233 120, email us or fill in the contact form below.

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